Miracle quarrels with Nina over Cee-c, tells her ‘You’ve changed’

The two BBNaija lovebirds Nina andMiracle last night, April 19, had a fall out with each were enraged Miracle told Nina that she has changed.

The duo last night engaged in a heated argument while others were busy retiring for the night, Nina was vexed over Miracle talking with Tobi and Alex all night.

Nina has referred to Tobi and Alex as ‘them’ in the conversation and Miracle was surprised on why she should refer to his friends as them.

Miracle had earlier in the day spent time with Alex and Tobi in the jacuzzi, where they had discussed, amongst many other things, Nina and Cee-C.

He said: “I don’t take sides and will not where drama is concerned seeing as it is the last week, but I’m surprised by your attitude. When did Tobi and Alex start being them?”

Nina has also accused Miracle of being influenced by Tobi as he has believed what Tobi said regarding her playing with him just for the show.

She said: “Since Tobi told you this, you have this mind-set that I am not real. Don’t let him fill your head with things that are not true. When we leave this House, you will find out who your real friends are,”

Miracle didn’t take kindly to Nina’s remarks and warned her to never imply another man was telling him how to behave.

He said: If you’re saying Tobi is filling my head, then I’ll be really angry with you. Trust me. You’re insulting me. I see you changing and that’s a fact”.

Nina seemed taken aback by this attack and sniped right back, reminding him how he h

Miracle who was so pissed with the whole argument told her to end the whole thing, as he doesn’t want to have the discussion with cameras all over the house.

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