Khloe is someone I am scared of – Cee-C

As Housemate give dissenting views on Caucus in the House…

Big Brother Housemates have this evening given dissenting views on the division that has continued to go on in the house.

Khloe who suddenly seemed to develop amnesia when asked about the issue said there were no divisions existing in the house. Ebuka who was quick to prompt her back to her conversation where she cooked for herself and Cee-C, denied all forms of any division saying it was settled over a sumptuous meal by noon.

“I said there were four people in a separate camp which involves Alex, Nina ,Miracle and Tobi. We have sorted it out. We sorted it out this morning over a sumptuous meal Tobi cooked us this afternoon,” Khloe said.

Cee-C agreed to the division in the house and when asked about her new bromance with Khloe, she said she used to be scared of her initially.

“Khloe is someone I am scared of. But we had conversation and I found out that deep down, she is not as troublesome as I thought. The house is getting boring. So we became friends.”

When asked about the divison, Cee-C said:

“Some people insult you, some say they don’t trust you.” She made claim that she tried to forestall the division, but it didn’t work.

Tobi was of the opinion that Khloe scattered the house herself.

“Khloe came and scattered the house herself. Everyone had their own issues but Khloe came with the ‘I will do it for me and my people.’ We tried to talk to her but Khloe is not the type that tackles issues when she is strong on her opinion.”

Anto believed Khloe was doing a good job. Anto also claimed that Cee-C instigated the divison in the house and had this to say in her defence.

“Cee-C started the full separation and Cee-C cooked for five people. Khloe is doing a very good job. I have no idea on caucuses in the house. We are nine and I feel that I am cool with everyone . “

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